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Enjoy a luxurious time 

The face gets more tired than you probably realize. We use organic cosmetics from Japan for all of our treatments. They help moisturize and leave you with smoother skin. This course helps to remove dead skin and dirt from your skin. Recommended to those who want to improve their skin condition.


Using oils obtained from deep see water and warm steam and vacuum cleaner also help to remove dirt off your pores. Pore Cleansing treatment is recommended in order to lengthen the effects of the treatment.

Japanese Esthetic Lymph oil massage techniques are utilized to uplift skin, assist with detox, and supports circulation.


In addition, ultrasonic facial machine treatment promotes cell activity, lift-up, iontophoresis for whitening and produces moisturizing effects. Our goal is to aim for aging skin with rejuvenated cells and bring the aging skin back to life. We also use an organic Japanese facial pack to enhanced moisture, whitening, anti-aging of skin.

Addition menu

 Sumi facial mask [cleaning black head] ......... +10min : $25

 Seaweed facial mask [skin metabolism promote ] .......... +10min : $25

 Head massage .......... +10min:$20  +20min:$30  +30min:$40

 The course time does not include the time for counseling and preparation, Please plan to start course time in advance before your scheduled appointment. The last order time depends on the course package you select. please call for more information.

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