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Q. Do I need to bring anything?

A. Basically no. But the Kimono's Bag is not included in the set plan price. [ without Yukata shoes +$10~,  Yukata bag +$10~,  ] Any other things, just bring yourself. Because the necessities are all including in the set.
If you are worried about underwear, please bring a camisole, camisole long, under-Yukata, petticoat or leggings etc., which underwear cannot be seen. We recommend non-padded sports bras and a beige color one, especially if you chose to wear a light color kimono [Summer kimonos].

Q. How do I book a rental?

A. For more information please click below. 
Process of Kimono Rental>>


Q. How long does it take until I’m ready to go?

A. It depends on how long you take to choose your favorite kimono, but the kimono dressing and hair up do by experienced staff takes about 60min-90min. Kimono dressing only around 30-45 min. Men's kimono about 10-15min.
※The busy seasons of spring and autumn are very crowded, Please be aware of this
when considering the schedule. Hair up do 20min-40min depend on hair style. Please make sure you have plenty of time.


Q. Can I add hair styling service on the day?

A. Basically no. All services are by reservation only. All optional services, including the hair styling service, must be booked in advance. 

Q. Do you have kimonos to wear to my wedding? Bride's kimono Furisode , or Hakama or Men's Kimono?

A. Yes. We have formal kimonos. We have kimonos ready for special occasions such as Bridal kimono and Groom's for wedding ceremony, photo shooting, reception party, Wedding for friends, families, Anniversary.

Q. Do you have Yukata for children?

A. Yes. We have a limited selection of Yukata from baby to preteen.


Q. I’m afraid I’m too tall (or too short) to wear a kimono?

A. Please tell us your height and size, we will find a kimono that fits you if possible. Kimono sizes are on the website.

Q. Do you have decorations and accessories I can rent?

A. We can rent some accessories and if a part of the plan we have free hair accessories for those who ordered the optional hair styling plan. We have various kimono's decorations and accessories for an extra charge around +$5 to $30 [ For each one]. We have a great collection of them. We sell only package plans, even if you bring your own accessories without kimono, we'll charge same price. 


Q. What should I do with the kimono I rented overnight?

A. You would bring it back to our salon [2924 M Street NW Washington, DC 20007] in next day.  Depending on your location we may need to coordinate a specific time to drop off kimonos. This is an optional service that must be requested in advance.  For any late drop offs or deliveries a late fee will be charged to your credit card on file.


Q. What should I do if my kimono gets dirty?

We also have many polyester type kimonos that can be easily washed. Depending on the condition of dirt or damage, you may be charged a separate cleaning fee or purchase it depending on the case, so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Q. If I bring in my own kimono, could you dress me?

A. Please bring all kimono accessories some of underwear, waist cords, tabi, 4,5 towels, etc... All items that are needed. [Click here]  If you need additional options, we will assess you a rental fee. Please contact us with any questions.


Q. Please let me know the size of Kimono and Tabi you have.

A. Please tell us about your measurements. Additional information is here.

We currently offer package course menu options. Even if you will bring your own kimono's accessories for karihimo, Obi, Tabi, Obimakura, etc., we still charge the same price for the package plan. Thank you for your understanding.

We only offer package course menu options. Even if you bring your own shoes, we still charge for same price as our package plan. Thank you for your understanding.



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Q. こちらで何も用意しなくてよいのですか?

A. 基本的に手ぶらOKですが、バック、下駄[浴衣用のみ」はオプションでの有料となっております。

Q. 当日の流れを教えてください

A. 別途ページにて当日の流れをご案内しております。


Q. 所要時間はどれくらいですか?

A. 時間は個人差がありますが、スタッフによる着付け&ヘアセット込みで浴衣の場合は45分から1時間です。お着物は1時間~1時間半ほどです。訪問着、小紋着付けのみは30分、ヘアセットのみは30分以上からとなっております。

Q. ヘアセットは直前でもお願いできますか?



Q. 結婚式や卒業式、成人式に着れる参列者の着物はありますか?


Q. 身長が高い(低い)のですが、着物はありますか?

A. 身長をお聞かせいただければ対応させていただきます。


Q. 小物やアクセサリーなども貸してもらえるのですか?

A. ヘアセットをご希望の方のみヘアアクセサリー無料貸し出し中です。着物用バッグは+$10にて貸出ししております。お着物のご予約の際に一緒にご予約下さい。


Q. お借りした着物はどうすればよいのですか。

A. 翌朝お客様のお泊りのホテルのフロントや弊社のサロンまでご返却のほうよろしくお願いいたします。


Q. 着物を持参して、着付だけお願いできるのでしょうか?

A. 小物・下着・腰紐・足袋等すべてお持ちください。小物のみ貸し出しの場合は別途{小物セット貸し出し20ドル}頂戴いたしております。



A. 当店では気軽に洗えるポリエステルタイプのお着物も多数ご用意ございます。汚れや破損の具合にもよりますが、場合によりクリーニング料金を別途いただくか、お買取りいただく場合もございますので、何卒ご理解とご協力のほうお願いいたします。

Q. 着物や足袋などの取り揃えているサイズを教えてください。

A. こちらがサイズについての表記です。数に限りがございますのでゆとりをもって事前にご相談ください。









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Those accessories included your package plan[ For Kimono]
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